Aerobic Yoga with focused breathing in the Energy enhancement room.



This is an aerobic yoga.  It incorporates  quick movements with focused breathing.  This is also done in the Energy Enhancement System.  We will be doing 20-25 minutes of yoga and then 1/2 hour of intention meditation.  This short yoga is specific for activating the endocrine system.  Basically, reboots all the glands of the endocrine system .  With the power of the EES in combination with the aerobic yoga, it can be life transforming

Yoga in EE System – $60

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I am writing to recommend Dr. Jody Citrigno-Danese, D.C., Lac. I have been a patient of hers for the past several years. My first visit with Dr. Jody came on recommendation from my husband’s business client who had recently had his problematic wrist injury solved and rehabilitated by her methods. I was suffering from much pain in my shoulder and physical therapy was not solving the issues.  Dr. Jody recognized and began treatments within only a few sessions to alleviate and solve my discomfort quickly.
Lori, Newport Beach

I want to start off with saying THANK YOU!!!!!! You are truly a miracle worker!!! Our entire office is much more productive now that weve added a Fix Me Friday.

Laura, Huntington Beach

I am truly grateful to have found her and believe she can be a valued part of your business. Her professionalism and dedication to those she treats is sincere and comforting.

Christie, Newport Beach